College does not prepare you for a career in cultural resource management archaeology

That’s not surprising because universities were not designed to teach workplace skills

After earning my undergraduate degree, I was shocked to discover that most of what I learned in college was of little use as a cultural resource management archaeologist. All those papers I’d written, articles I’d read, and hours I spent in the classroom didn’t matter to CRM company hiring managers. They wanted to know Who I Was, What I’d Done, and Who I Knew before they’d even consider hiring me.

More than ten years later, after working as a consulting archaeologist across the United States, I realized other budding archaeos still had the same problem converting a college degree into gainful employment. Colleges are designed to teach you how to learn, not tell you what you need to learn. That’s why I started Succinct Research— a company dedicated to helping cultural resource management and historic preservation professionals learn the needed to forge a successful career.

Through our insightful blog, groundbreaking eBooks, and contributions to the CRM Archaeology Podcast, Succinct Research is dedicated to helping young CRMers learn what they never learned in college.

We are a new business with ambitious goals. Check out our 10-Year Plan!

Succinct Research also provides cultural resource management consulting services.

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Succinct Research creates information products that help heritage conservation professionals provide better services to local communities. Our mission is to help individuals new to the industry find and land jobs. We also want to make it easier for cultural resource management professionals and companies train their employees and improve their careers and businesses. Our CRM consulting services help us achieve that goal by helping our clients comply with cultural resource management compliance in a timely and skillful manner. We make every effort to include local communities and cultural resource management professionals in the compliance process.

Welcome to Succinct Research! Enjoy our website.