Harness social media to further your personal brand as an archaeologist

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part VII: Crafting a Social Media Campaign

Tweet “Nobody ever said success was going to be easy. If success was easy, everybody’d be doing it.” Anonymous I never cared about personal branding, online networking, or any of the stuff I’ve been writing about until the last time I was laid off from a cultural resource management archaeology […]

Personal Branding for Archaeology, Part VI: Using Videos and Pictures

Tweet Social media and the whole of the internet is being winnowed down to the truest essence of human experience— we know the world based on what we’ve seen. We are visual beings. Our eyes are essential to the way we learn. This is something archaeologists have long understood; however, […]

Videos are the future of personal branding

How to use Twitter for archaeology personal branding

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part III: Twitter

Tweet (This is the third post in a multi-part series on personal branding for archaeologists. In case you missed it, Part I covered some reasons why it’s important to control your online professional persona and Part II discussed how you can use LinkedIn to demonstrate your skills, abilities, and experience […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Archaeology Blogging 2

Tweet I was pleasantly surprised at all the responses to the first question in the Blogging Carnival on Doug’s Archaeology. First, I had no idea there were so many archaeologist bloggers actively adding to their sites. This is really impressive because I strongly feel like blogging is one of the […]


Why do we need the Archaeology Careerist’s Network?

Tweet In case you didn’t already know, I started a Linked In group called the Archaeology Careerist’s Network (ACN). There are already over 140 archaeology-related Linked In groups, so you may ask, “why did I feel the need to create yet another archaeology group?”