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Day of Archaeology 2014 at Succinct Research

Tweet As you’re reading this on 7/11/2014, I’m probably digging a test unit somewhere outside Glacier National Park. I’m actually on assignment this year and will be out of cell/internet range during the day. I’ll be working on an awesome possibly Archaic site along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, so look me […]

Introducing the River Street Digital History Project

Historic preservation makes Seattle a great place to live

Never forget: Historic preservation is what makes Seattle a place people want to live

Tweet My wife, kids and I just spent an amazing week in Seattle. It made us remember what we loved about that place: diversity, atmosphere, rapid growth, abounding opportunities, good food, great friends, and, above all, character. Seattle is definitely a trend-setting city. It’s a place where people of all […]

#SAA2014 Debrief, Part II: Jobs information, the future of the cultural resource management archaeology industry, and other lessons learned

Tweet I’m still flying back from #SAA2014. Still sitting in first-class. Still hearing Lourde’s “Royals” playing in my head. Free Heineken? Why yes. I’ll have two. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Part I, I heard some gloomy information about the extreme competition in the cultural resource management archaeology […]

Stop archaeology site looting shows

The demise of #naziwarhunters is one small step toward reclaiming the public’s image of archaeology

Tweet This week, the HISTARCH listserv and the rest of the blogosphere celebrated the crushing defeat of NatGeo’s poorly planned series Nazi War Diggers. As I wrote before, the show was basically a glorification of battlefield archaeological site looting with the added bonus of human remains desecration. It was an […]

Blogging about cultural resource management archaeology is just the beginning

Tweet March, 2014 is the last month of #blogarch Part Deux. In addition to hosting an excellent discussion in the last few months about blogging, archaeology and points between, Doug Rocks-MacQueen posited a killer final question to end the series: Where do you plan on going with blogging or where […]

Plan for blogging and historic preservation at succinct research

Join the crusade against #naziwardiggers

@NatGeo archaeology site looting show features human remains

Tweet National Geographic Channel, what the hell are you thinking? Today I received an alarming message on the HistArch listserv. It seems like the corporate television channel bearing the National Geographic brand has created another riveting archaeological site looting show for its mouth-breathing audience. This time, they even desecrate human […]

Are cultural resource management companies just drab grey suits? 2

Tweet Do we cultural resource management archaeologists do the same things? Are historic preservationists just following the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties? After decades of historic preservation and cultural resource management guidelines, are we all just going through the motions—just checking the boxes for […]

Are cultural resource management archaeologists just like Wall Street bankers?

City_Thibault Geffroy, from The Noun Project

Is amenity STILL at the heart of historic preservation?

Tweet Amenity (n)­ (1) something that makes life easier or pleasant; (2) the attractiveness and value of real estate or of a residential structure; (3) a feature conducive to such attractiveness and value; (4) something that conduces to comfort, convenience, or enjoyment A long time ago, back in the mid-1900s, […]

#SHA2014- Lessons Learned from the Conference at the European Village on the Planet Hoth

Tweet The 2013–2014 Polar Vortex drastically altered the travel plans for dozens of attendees of the recent Society for Historical Archaeology conference (#SHA2014). Set in beautiful, friendly Quebec City, the reputation of this conference will be forever marked by memories of delays, unexpected hotel layovers, lost luggage, and icy streetscapes. […]

View from SHA2014 Quebec


Does CRM archaeology mean whiteness?

Tweet Last week, I was listening to the Episode 20 of the CRM Archaeology Podcast (Women in Archaeology, Part II). In the first few minutes of the podcast, the panelists were discussing how acknowledging the prevalence of male privilege in CRM archaeology could give way to a larger discussion of […]