Historic Preservation

The DAPL protests highlight the deficiencies in the historic preservation process

Cultural resource management without consultation is a mistake 2

Tweet I’m not a fortune teller but I’m pretty sure the recent unpleasantness associated with the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will spawn a number of books and articles about cultural resource management archaeology, historic preservation, and environmental justice. It’s likely a few individuals will generate whole careers […]

What the NPS junior ranger program can teach CRMers

Tweet Who would have ever thought a 5-year-old would be enthusiastic about seeing a pile of rocks in the desert? No toys. No playground. Just an 800-year-old archaeological ruin…and a little sister. This last weekend, I took a National Parks and Monuments tour with my wife and kids through northern […]

What can cultural resource management professionals learn from the National Park Service's Junior Ranger Program?

Coming out of my Shell: Lessons learned by doing public archaeology

Tweet For a person who is building a career based on the study of human beings, I have to confess: I really don’t like other people. The main problem with other people is they aren’t me. They have their own lives, thoughts, experiences, and perspectives that differ with the way […]

Public archaeology at Ferry Farm, Fredericksburg, Virginia

The plenitude model is at the heart of historic preservation and it's smart money

Can the Plentitude Business Model save cultural resource management?

Tweet Historic preservation-minded developer Bill Naito didn’t just save buildings. He helped create ambiance, character, and augmented the quality of life in downtown Portland, Oregon. During the 1960s, Naito saw potential in the rotting waterfront warehouses. He realized that remodeling these buildings may not immediately improve property values, increase foot […]

Historic preservation begins at the local level

Historic Preservation Starts with Community

Tweet This last weekend, my family and I volunteered at another public archaeology event spearheaded by a prominent Arizona historical society. It was the final field session of the project I discussed in my post that discussed how to involve minorities in archaeology by introducing them to the science at […]

Bringing a Slice of the Archives to the Internet: the River Street Digital History Project

Tweet As a long-time historical archaeologist working in cultural resource management, I’ve been overjoyed to see how much archival information has been brought to the internet. I do not think there will ever be a day when a visit to the archives is no longer necessary, mainly because most archival […]


Another view of the Pioneer Pathway, former Lover's Lane

River Street Digital History Project gallery

Tweet I’ve been busting my hump this whole week working on the website that will eventually contribute to my PhD dissertation project at the University of Arizona. It has been a long haul, but the River Street Digital History Project has almost come to a close. The River Street Neighborhood […]