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6 Reasons why CRM companies shouldn’t hire archaeological field techs with graduate degrees 8

Tweet Last week, I talked about how degree inflation is making it harder for young archaeologists to land entry-level archaeological field technician jobs without having a graduate degree. There is a lot of incentive for cultural resource management companies to hire field techs who have more than a Bachelor’s degree: […]

Is a graduate degree worth more than experience in cultural resource management archaeology?

What can Sci-fi tell us about Archaeology’s Grand Challenges?

Tweet Usually the Huffington Post is full of irrelevant, speculative fluff pieces, but one of their recent articles actually caught my attention. A senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, asked “Could this be Humanity’s Last Century?” He wasn’t talking about our extinction but, rather, our evolution. He raised several valid […]

How do Sci-fi movies tell us about the future of cultural resource management archaeology?

How cultural resource management can illuminate our communities

Tweet Whenever I think about how we can transform cultural resource management into a mélange of applied anthropology and heritage conservation that can actually change society, I always think about the candelabra. I remember, as a boy, seeing beautiful candelabras in church around Christmastime and they always filled me with […]

Tumacacori National Historical Monument, Arizona