Top 5 Archaeology Job Search Resources

Earlier this month, I was talking to a fellow graduate student about the reasons why we both went back to school. My answer was straightforward: I went back to school in order to qualify for the highest level of CRM archaeology management. I also want to take my chances as a professor.

The question was not as easy for her to answer. It seemed like she simply didn’t want to become a field tech after getting her B.A. and thought that going back to school for her Master’s would enable her to bypass that step. Additionally, she wasn’t sure what job she wanted, where she wanted to live, or what company/ university she wanted to work for. Finally, she planned on finishing graduate school before she even started looking for work. “I just want to get done with school so I can focus on finding a job,” was her strategy.

She hadn’t planned on doing any:

  • Pre-graduation career networking.
  • Doing any CRM before graduating.
  • Talking to any other CRMers about their jobs.
  • Conducting any market research.

Basically, she was just going to drop $30k on a degree THEN think about how she was going to pay it off.

I’m not sure if her plan will work.

I felt like I needed to help her, but I didn’t want to simply tell her to read my blog and email me in the morning. So, I turned the focus of the conversation toward talking about how I had helped other people (specifically archaeologists) find jobs. This line of thought caused me to ask: What are the most important job search resources for aspiring CRM archaeologists (actually, anyone looking for a job anywhere in the United States)?

This week I winnowed my answer down to a list of the 5 Most Important Resources for Archaeology Job Seekers and turned it into a short PDF eBook you can download for free. It’s just a little holiday gift from Succinct Research to you!

These are the five websites and books I refer to anyone that wants to find a new job, change careers, and/or forge a successful career in any field. They’re the foundation I used to write my free eBook “3 Essential Elements to a Successful Job Search” I plan on adding this to my email list after January, 2014, so download it right away.

Find an archaeology job today

Find an archaeology job today



Top 5 Archaeology Job Search Resources





FYI: You’ll notice I didn’t include or to the list. That’s why, if you’re applying to a job on those two websites, you’re already too late. You’re going to be competing against total all-stars and inside track candidates and it will be difficult to beat them out. That’s probably because they used the strategies in the 5 references to circumvent the entire hiring process. Applying to job postings is a good exercise, but it’s the strategy least likely to land you a job.
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