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This post is part of a 100-word challenge that I accepted on the IncomePress website. The writing below the italicized text is exactly 100 words. It sums up the reason why I started Succinct Research and why I blog. Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

Times change. Lives change. And, sometimes, we change lives. For the eight years before 2012, I was a worker–an employee; somebody that did tasks for others. I was laid off from my job even though I was a model employee.

“It was the economy, stupid.”

I was down, but now I’m coming back.

I’ve never known anything else. What can I do? The answer: start my own business online. Work for myself. Share my story with others with the hopes that the same thing won’t happen to them. I can help change others’ lives–find my passion again.


6 thoughts on “Take a New Path

    • SuccinctBill Post author

      Thanks, robin. This is totally new path for me. It’s exciting and worrisome at the same time.

  • Joanne Reid

    Hi Bill,

    Great 100 word post and fascinating site — I absolutely love the way that you have focused on this niche. I was a technical writer but my site was kind of all over the place. Bookmarking you! I’ll be back (said in the Terminator voice). Aside from everything else, I’m a neighbor, being a Mesa snowbird.

    • SuccinctBill Post author

      Thanks for reading. I”m glad you liked the post.

      There are a lot of folks working online these days and the best websites I’ve seen were all pretty concentrated in a single niche. I decided I’d focus on what I know– cultural resources archaeology and technical writing. Stay tuned to the website and watch my Succinct Research News page because I’ve got a lot of guest posts coming up in 2013. Thanks again.

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