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Becoming an archaeologist is not easy, but many people think it should be

The number one lie people believe about a career in archaeology 3

Tweet Every now and then, I hear from an aspiring archaeologist who is confused by the things they read on social media about the cultural resource management industry. The source of their confusion comes from the following conversation: 1)            Somebody says CRM archaeology sucks. 2)            Even though archaeology is their […]

Is it possible to have a career as a cultural resource management archaeological field technician?

Being an Archaeological Field Technician: The Truth

Tweet (This is a guest post distilled from conversation threads created by the active and experienced members of two cultural resource management archaeology Facebook groups: the “North American Archaeological Technicians” [390 members] and the “Archaeo Field Techs” [1,557 members]. Personal identities have been omitted in order to protect the privacy […]