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The Big Western CRM Archaeology Layoff 2

Tweet Feast or Famine is a frequently acknowledged part of being a CRM archaeologist. Because many of our companies are so poorly managed, they live and die by close-ended, temporary cultural resources contracts. The company goes into the toilet if the management is unable to land contracts. When the project […]

Can heritage conservation help end layoffs in CRM archaeology?

Historic Preservation Starts with Community

Tweet This last weekend, my family and I volunteered at another public archaeology event spearheaded by a prominent Arizona historical society. It was the final field session of the project I discussed in my post that discussed how to involve minorities in archaeology by introducing them to the science at […]

Historic preservation begins at the local level


Bringing a Slice of the Archives to the Internet: the River Street Digital History Project

Tweet As a long-time historical archaeologist working in cultural resource management, I’ve been overjoyed to see how much archival information has been brought to the internet. I do not think there will ever be a day when a visit to the archives is no longer necessary, mainly because most archival […]

River Street Digital History Project gallery

Tweet I’ve been busting my hump this whole week working on the website that will eventually contribute to my PhD dissertation project at the University of Arizona. It has been a long haul, but the River Street Digital History Project has almost come to a close. The River Street Neighborhood […]

Another view of the Pioneer Pathway, former Lover's Lane

Introducing the River Street Digital History Project

Day of Archaeology 2014 at Succinct Research

Tweet As you’re reading this on 7/11/2014, I’m probably digging a test unit somewhere outside Glacier National Park. I’m actually on assignment this year and will be out of cell/internet range during the day. I’ll be working on an awesome possibly Archaic site along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, so look me […]

Never forget: Historic preservation is what makes Seattle a place people want to live

Tweet My wife, kids and I just spent an amazing week in Seattle. It made us remember what we loved about that place: diversity, atmosphere, rapid growth, abounding opportunities, good food, great friends, and, above all, character. Seattle is definitely a trend-setting city. It’s a place where people of all […]

Historic preservation makes Seattle a great place to live

Join the crusade against #naziwardiggers

@NatGeo archaeology site looting show features human remains

Tweet National Geographic Channel, what the hell are you thinking? Today I received an alarming message on the HistArch listserv. It seems like the corporate television channel bearing the National Geographic brand has created another riveting archaeological site looting show for its mouth-breathing audience. This time, they even desecrate human […]

Crowdfunding and community archaeology

Tweet Thanks to thankless activism on the part of a dedicated Congressional lobby, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States just approved crowdfunding for small businesses. This privilege is enshrined as part of the recently signed JOBS Act. I read the Entrepreneur magazine article (June 2013:32–40) about […]

Worker_Bart Laugs, from The Noun Project

Keywords are an essential part of a successful résumé

Tweet I have been helping folks remodel their cultural resource management or historic preservation job résumés for years now. Most résumés had the right information, followed grammatical rules, and were textbook manifestations of what the internet and most résumé-writing books tell us to do. But they weren’t optimized for the […]