Heritage Conservation

Can professional  archaeologists collaborate with shows like #BattlefieldRecovery?

Should Archaeologists break bread with looters?

Tweet Cultural resource management archaeologists: Want to hear something that will make your blood boil? Remember that grave-robbing, site-looting show “Nazi War Diggers”? It’s baaaaaack. The most recent rendition is called “Battlefield Recovery” and airs on the UK’s Channel 5. More digging skeletons out of context. More unnecessary burial excavations. […]

How cultural resource management can illuminate our communities

Tweet Whenever I think about how we can transform cultural resource management into a mélange of applied anthropology and heritage conservation that can actually change society, I always think about the candelabra. I remember, as a boy, seeing beautiful candelabras in church around Christmastime and they always filled me with […]

Tumacacori National Historical Monument, Arizona

Public archaeology at Ferry Farm, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Coming out of my Shell: Lessons learned by doing public archaeology

Tweet For a person who is building a career based on the study of human beings, I have to confess: I really don’t like other people. The main problem with other people is they aren’t me. They have their own lives, thoughts, experiences, and perspectives that differ with the way […]

Can the Plentitude Business Model save cultural resource management?

Tweet Historic preservation-minded developer Bill Naito didn’t just save buildings. He helped create ambiance, character, and augmented the quality of life in downtown Portland, Oregon. During the 1960s, Naito saw potential in the rotting waterfront warehouses. He realized that remodeling these buildings may not immediately improve property values, increase foot […]

The plenitude model is at the heart of historic preservation and it's smart money

Can heritage conservation help end layoffs in CRM archaeology?

The Big Western CRM Archaeology Layoff 2

Tweet Feast or Famine is a frequently acknowledged part of being a CRM archaeologist. Because many of our companies are so poorly managed, they live and die by close-ended, temporary cultural resources contracts. The company goes into the toilet if the management is unable to land contracts. When the project […]

Historic preservation begins at the local level

Historic Preservation Starts with Community

Tweet This last weekend, my family and I volunteered at another public archaeology event spearheaded by a prominent Arizona historical society. It was the final field session of the project I discussed in my post that discussed how to involve minorities in archaeology by introducing them to the science at […]