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Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part VII: Crafting a Social Media Campaign

Tweet “Nobody ever said success was going to be easy. If success was easy, everybody’d be doing it.” Anonymous I never cared about personal branding, online networking, or any of the stuff I’ve been writing about until the last time I was laid off from a cultural resource management archaeology […]

Harness social media to further your personal brand as an archaeologist

Videos are the future of personal branding

Personal Branding for Archaeology, Part VI: Using Videos and Pictures

Tweet Social media and the whole of the internet is being winnowed down to the truest essence of human experience— we know the world based on what we’ve seen. We are visual beings. Our eyes are essential to the way we learn. This is something archaeologists have long understood; however, […]

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part V: Blogging your way to Infamy

Tweet (This is the fifth segment in a multi-post series dedicated to personal branding for archaeologists. In case you missed ‘em: Part I discussed the many reasons why you should care about developing your personal brand, Part II covered creating a killer LinkedIn profile, Part III talked about using Twitter […]

Build your audience through guest blogging

Personal branding for archaeologists: build your own website

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part IV: Build your Own Website

Tweet (This is the fourth post in a multi-part series on personal branding for archaeologists. In case you missed it, Part I covered some reasons why it’s important to control your online professional persona and Part II discussed how you can use LinkedIn to demonstrate your skills, abilities, and experience […]

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part II: LinkedIn 2

Tweet (This is the second post in a multi-part series on personal branding for archaeologist. In case you missed it, check out Part I to see why it’s important to control your online professional persona) Part II: LinkedIn I hear this a lot whenever I talk with other archaeologists about […]

How to leverage LinkedIn for archaeologists

What are you doing to manage your personal brand as an archaeologist?

Personal branding for archaeologists, Part I

Tweet When I first started blogging, I Googled myself just to see what type of information about me was floating around the internet. My name is extremely generic. There are probably over a million William White’s in the United States. This country has always had a lot of Bill White’s. […]

Never forget: Historic preservation is what makes Seattle a place people want to live

Tweet My wife, kids and I just spent an amazing week in Seattle. It made us remember what we loved about that place: diversity, atmosphere, rapid growth, abounding opportunities, good food, great friends, and, above all, character. Seattle is definitely a trend-setting city. It’s a place where people of all […]

Historic preservation makes Seattle a great place to live

Archaeology books are coming from blogs these days

Writing Schedules keep your Archaeology writing moving

Tweet “This is some great stuff! There’s nothing like this out there. Are you willing to publish this as a book?” From what I’ve heard, this is the way my good friend Chris Webster who just got his book The Field Archaeologist’s Survival Guide published by Left Coast Press. It […]

Saving and Investing for Archaeologists

Tweet I remember loving snow days as a kid. This was long before I’d started doing archaeology and started hating snow. Every time it snowed for a few hours, I’d start getting giddy– thinking about the action-packed day of Nintendo and sledding that awaited me the next morning. I’d lay […]

Investment and savings advice for archaeologists

Recap of my first year of archaeology PhD studies

Recap of My First year of an Archaeology PhD 2

Tweet “School has become the world religion of a modernized proletariat, and makes futile promises of salvation to the poor of the technological age.” Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society (1971) I’ve decided to take some time to write a short summary of my PhD at the University of Arizona. Sometime in […]