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What March Madness taught me about the archaeology job market 2

Tweet In the beginning, there are 64 teams. The NCAA selection committee ranks each team and creates four groups loosely based on regions of the country. Then, they play each other until only one remains. The NCAA mens basketball tournament, March Madness, begins with a spectacular flurry. Half of the […]

What can March Madness teach you about finding a job in archaeology?

Learn how Succinct Research will help cultural resource management professionals in 2015

Succinct Research 2014 Review and 2015 Prospectus

Tweet “If you bite off more than you can chew, just keep chewing.” Last year (2014), was a difficult one for me and Succinct Research. Time was hard to come by because I was still working on my PhD classes and trying to get the River Street Digital History Project […]

The Big Western CRM Archaeology Layoff 2

Tweet Feast or Famine is a frequently acknowledged part of being a CRM archaeologist. Because many of our companies are so poorly managed, they live and die by close-ended, temporary cultural resources contracts. The company goes into the toilet if the management is unable to land contracts. When the project […]

Can heritage conservation help end layoffs in CRM archaeology?

Not every archaeologist has a poverty mentality

Not every archaeologist has a poverty mentality

Tweet Recently, I published a blog post that tackled the issue of what I called the poverty mentality in archaeology. Most of the people that read that piece had no problem with it. Some of the readers, however, did not agree with my perspective and were not impressed by my […]

Characterizing the Archaeosexual 12

Tweet This week, the blogosphere has been abuzz with talk of this new form of fashionisto­ the lumbersexual or metrojack. First highlighted in a recent GearJunkie article, the lumbersexual has been defined as an urbane male that wears the traditional costume of a lumberjack. Characteristics include flannel shirts, expensive work […]

Here is what an archaeosexual male looks like

When it comes to historic preservation writing in Tucson, play it safe

How I got my first D in graduate school 2

Tweet This weekend, the unthinkable happened. I got a 60% on an assignment in one of my historic preservation graduate seminars. I haven’t done this poorly on an assignment since 9th grade geometry. How the hell did this happen? Tweet

The importance of lists to archaeology project success

Tweet A couple weeks ago, I almost missed a grant submission deadline. I’d been working from about 7AM until long past Midnight trying to get the River Street Digital History Project website completed on schedule. This left little time to stay on track with grantwriting projects. So, after finishing the […]

Keep track of weekly tasks on a small whiteboard

Getting minority children involved in archaeology at a young age will help increase diversity

How to REALLY get minorities involved in archaeology 2

Tweet This summer, I wrote a post called “How to get more minorities involved in archaeology” where I said the best way to increase diversity in archaeology was to hire them to participate in the fieldwork. I posited that showing non-white people that they could actually do archaeology as a […]

Adventure is for Archaeologists 1

Tweet For those that know me personally, my life has been falling apart for the last few weeks. If I didn’t know I lived a charmed life, I’d think my life sucked. But, I know all obstacles are challenges and I haven’t been dealt a hand that I can’t win […]

I am honored to review The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau


Remedying the Plight of the Archaeological Technician

Tweet I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Facebook Group “North American Archaeological Tech Forum”. Conversations on there are lively and cover a lot of relevant topics that matter to cultural resource management archaeologists across the country. One particular conversation regarding professionalism has sent some shockwaves through the group, […]