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How fieldwork decides who gets to be a CRM archaeologist and who doesn’t 1

Tweet During my time in cultural resource management archaeology, I have noticed how field experience, or lack thereof, creates a separation between those archaeologists who go out in the field (A.K.A “dirt archaeologists”) and those who spend most of their time in the office. Most of the office archaeologists used […]

The role fieldwork plays in cultural resource management careers

You can use Google Earth and Trulia to identify historic properties in your project area

How to identify historic properties using Google Earth 1

Tweet Don’t you just love it when you get a PDF of a project area floating in the middle of some unidentified terrain? Just a polygon overlain upon some barren desert, forest quadrat, or urban freeway with very little context? And, you’re, somehow, expected to plan your cultural resource management […]

Does a cultural resource management report count as archaeology writing?

Tweet I was recently informed that a CRM archaeology technical report isn’t true archaeology writing. It was a shocking revelation that came from somebody that has written dozens of cultural resources reports that instantly made me start thinking about the nature of our industry and the way we value our […]

Is a cultural resource management report actually archaeology writing?