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What does it take to become a CRM archaeology expert?

How to become an expert on cultural resource management

Tweet I wonder how many hours I’ve spent being a cultural resource management archaeologist. It’s hard to calculate because, even though I’ve been doing CRM since 2004, I haven’t always been employed full-time as a CRMer. In fact, based on the longest stints I’ve had with CRM companies, I think […]

6 Steps for Ending the Poverty Mentality in Archaeology

Tweet How many times have you heard this? “I’d love to go to Hawaii for a vacation but that’s the kind of thing only rich people do.” “Archaeology is cool but I should have gone to law or med school instead of grad school for anthropology.” “Rich people are scum. […]

Financial independence is the key to ending the poverty mentality in archaeology


Remedying the Plight of the Archaeological Technician

Tweet I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Facebook Group “North American Archaeological Tech Forum”. Conversations on there are lively and cover a lot of relevant topics that matter to cultural resource management archaeologists across the country. One particular conversation regarding professionalism has sent some shockwaves through the group, […]

9 things cultural resource management archaeologists and the homeless have in common

Tweet Lots. When we first met, my wife was appalled by my lifestyle as a weekend-warrior archaeological technician and graduate student. I worked Friday through Sunday as a tech for the state transportation department and Monday through Thursday as a TA for the University of Idaho. I used to carpool […]

What do cultural resource management archaeologists have in common with homeless people?

The fight for historic preservation creates livable cities

Fighting the fight for Historic Preservation

Tweet “Next week, next month, or next year we may have an opportunity to enlighten those groups [business interests and elected officials] on the cultural, social, and aesthetic importance of preservation. But if we want that historic building saved today, we had better be prepared with economic arguments.” Donovan D. […]

The Power of Gratitude

Tweet A few weeks ago, I received one of the best gifts I’ve been given all year. It was a simple baseball hat that was sent to me from the kind folks at Forestry Suppliers. In case you didn’t know, Forestry Suppliers has a sweet archaeology field tools catalog (BTW: […]

sweet hat from

#SAA2014 Debrief, Part II: Jobs information, the future of the cultural resource management archaeology industry, and other lessons learned

Tweet I’m still flying back from #SAA2014. Still sitting in first-class. Still hearing Lourde’s “Royals” playing in my head. Free Heineken? Why yes. I’ll have two. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Part I, I heard some gloomy information about the extreme competition in the cultural resource management archaeology […]

#SAA2014 Debrief, Part I: Curating and Disseminating Archaeology 2

Tweet “I don’t always go to the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) annual meetings, but when I do, I prefer them to be in a cool place with a ton of rad dive bars.” The world’s most moderately interesting archaeologist (Me). I’m currently on the flight back from #SAA2014 and […]

Hear about what I learned at #SAA2014

Archaeology supervisors: explain what you want your employees to do before they do it

Cultural resource management companies, want to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency? 2

Tweet In the course of my random discussions about working in cultural resource management archaeology and historic preservation, I seem to have come across the same conversation time and time again. It all revolves around some “hell project”— a project that went so FUBAR that the company ended up losing […]