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Mind control in cultural resource management archaeology?

Tweet Archaeologists at the Universities of Arizona, California, Berkeley, Chicago, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Michigan, Stanford, Florida, Illinois, or Pennsylvania are controlling your mind when it comes to archaeology. Archaeologists at these institutions are the ones you cite in your cultural resource management reports. Like it or not, they have […]

Are CRM archaeologists suffering from mind control

How do Sci-fi movies tell us about the future of cultural resource management archaeology?

What can Sci-fi tell us about Archaeology’s Grand Challenges?

Tweet Usually the Huffington Post is full of irrelevant, speculative fluff pieces, but one of their recent articles actually caught my attention. A senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, asked “Could this be Humanity’s Last Century?” He wasn’t talking about our extinction but, rather, our evolution. He raised several valid […]

How cultural resource management can illuminate our communities

Tweet Whenever I think about how we can transform cultural resource management into a mélange of applied anthropology and heritage conservation that can actually change society, I always think about the candelabra. I remember, as a boy, seeing beautiful candelabras in church around Christmastime and they always filled me with […]

Tumacacori National Historical Monument, Arizona