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Let biology guide your archaeology job search strategy

Tweet Living organisms have evolved two basic reproduction strategies. Interestingly, these reproductive strategies closely resemble the way people look for a job: r-selection strategy—Produce a large number of offspring, understanding they have a low probability of surviving to adulthood. The goal is to reproduce quickly. Useful in unpredictable or unstable […]

Learn how to conduct your archaeology job search like a lion

Is it possible to have a career as a cultural resource management archaeological field technician?

Being an Archaeological Field Technician: The Truth

Tweet (This is a guest post distilled from conversation threads created by the active and experienced members of two cultural resource management archaeology Facebook groups: the “North American Archaeological Technicians” [390 members] and the “Archaeo Field Techs” [1,557 members]. Personal identities have been omitted in order to protect the privacy […]

Is archaeology against motherhood?

Does archaeology hate mothers? 2

Tweet I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the @everyDIGsexism conversation on Twitter. The discussion highlights many of the problems women face in cultural resource management and academic archaeology. For forward-thinking intellectuals, a lot of male archaeologists and archaeology students should really be ashamed of themselves. I’ve been known […]

The shocking truth about a career in cultural resource management archaeology 4

Tweet “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up.” Vince Lombardi It’s no secret most cultural resource management archaeologists give up. CRM is a hard field in which to build a career. Recently, I came across this post written in 2000 on the United Archaeological Field […]

You only have to get up one more time than you get kicked down in order to succeed

Fill existing needs within cultural resource management companies in order to get hired

How to identify open career niches in the cultural resource management industry

Tweet Cultural resource management companies don’t need archaeologists. They don’t. Think about it. Is archaeology the ONLY thing CRM archaeologists do for their companies? Do companies need employees that ONLY do archaeology? The answer is no. CRM archaeologists do a wide variety of different activities and tasks for their employers. […]