The Number One Truth about Cultural Resource Management Reports

Tweet I have been lead author or primary contributor to over 60 cultural resource management archaeology reports. That’s not including reports where I wrote a historic background, artifact analysis, or boilerplate contribution. All of that writing represents dozens of man-hours and thousands of dollars’ worth of research. Those reports represent […]

What is the number one truth about cultural resource management archaeology reports?

How can universities prepare students for cultural resource management archaeology careers?

It’s not just archaeology. Most students don’t learn what they need in college.

Tweet A few months ago, I penned a (un)popular blog post titled “When archaeology field techs have to teach PhDs how to do archaeology”. Some people thought it was great. Many did not. Fortunately, I haven’t been kicked out of graduate school over it. The basic premise was: Universities are […]

Native Americans, Archaeological Monitoring, and CRMers

Tweet Archaeological Monitoring (v.)­ (1) watching and waiting for a mechanical excavator to reveal an archaeological deposit; (2) a great way for archaeologists to find sites and Native people to reclaim their heritage before development destroys all traces; (3) something construction companies and developers (should) know about but always seem […]

How does hiring Native Americans help archaeological monitoring