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Is education and #freearchaeology really a substitute for actual archaeology experience?

Tweet We’ve all seen the following clauses in a job description: — A combination of education and experience which includes College-level education or training that provided knowledge equivalent to that described above, plus appropriate technical experience or additional education. — The work experience must have included archeology field experience, which […]

Ever wonder why volunteer or graduate school is considered experience for cultural resource management archaeology?

How can universities prepare students for cultural resource management archaeology careers?

It’s not just archaeology. Most students don’t learn what they need in college.

Tweet A few months ago, I penned a (un)popular blog post titled “When archaeology field techs have to teach PhDs how to do archaeology”. Some people thought it was great. Many did not. Fortunately, I haven’t been kicked out of graduate school over it. The basic premise was: Universities are […]

Why is it a big deal when universities discuss whiteness?

Tweet Last week, Fox News helped my dissertation research immensely. I learned about five books that I definitely need to read based on their coverage of a course at Arizona State University titled “U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness.” The course is taught by Professor Lee Bebout who […]

Discussions of whiteness in colleges are important to eliminating structural racism

How does structural racism effect cultural resource management?

Are archaeologists racist?: Part I 2

Tweet WARNING: This blog post is probably going to make you very emotional. The principal emotion you are likely to experience is anger. Before you start rampaging in the comments box, please, read the entire article. Then, take three deep breaths and think about where this anger is coming from. […]

Archaeology, Structural Racism, and the Seahawks: Musings on #SHA2015 2

Tweet “Peripheries and Boundaries” was the theme of this year’s Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) Conference in Seattle. Many of the symposia focused on the issues that arise when people and archaeologists focus on spaces in flux including diaspora, racialization, power differentials, and identity. Along with the question “Will the […]

Diaspora was a central topic at #SHA2015

At least half of university professors are overworked adjuncts

The adjunct crisis and archaeology

Tweet Depending on your sources, between 49 and 66% of all college professors are adjuncts. Full-time, untenured faculty composes 19 percent of professors, which means, at most, only a third of professors are on the tenure track. As a PhD student, I’ve been steadily encouraged to keep up hope about […]

How to get more minorities involved in archaeology

Tweet I’m writing this blog post from the Denver International Airport, en route back to Tucson after spending a fruitful July working on archaeological excavations in Glacier National Park. This project came close on the heels of a fruitful dissertation research trip to Boise, Idaho. Needless to say, this summer […]

Paychecks will do much to increase minorities in archaeology

Travel hacking for archaeology graduate students

How archaeologists can enjoy the fruits of travel hacking 1

Tweet I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Boise, Idaho (Java Coffee and Café to be exact) enjoying Boise’s best coffee drink— the Bowl of Soul. This coffee didn’t come easily though. I’m coming off a 3-hour-long scanning binge that has resulted in the digitization of a huge amount of […]