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ResumeWritingForArchaeologists_3d_CoverDo you find yourself worrying about the security of your job? How many nights have you lain in bed thinking, “what’s going to happen after this project is over?

Are you a student of recent graduate? Are you one of the “good guys” that did the right thing– went to college and studied hard only to find out that all those quizzes and tests aren’t helping you find a job?

Fresh out of college and just don’t know where to start? Considering a career in archaeology, but people are trying to convince you otherwise?

Are you worried that all that time and money spent on a college degree has been wasted? That you’ll never find a job in archaeology, architectural history, or historic preservation?

The cultural resource management, historic preservation, and heritage conservation industries have changed drastically in the last 20 years. There are more aspiring professionals than there are job openings. Teaching jobs are scarce. CRM jobs require experience, but how do you get experience if you can’t find a job? The old adage, “study hard, get good grades, go to college, and a job will be waiting for you on the other side” is no longer true.

Everyone told you that life as an archaeologist would be difficult, but all you want is a job that uses your college major! You want to be an archaeologist.

Today, you need to have street smart job-search skills that will help you maneuver into a job in cultural resource management, historic preservation, or heritage conservation. Few colleges prepare anthropology graduates for life outside the university, which is one of the reasons why, in 2013, Forbes magazine reported that archaeology/anthropology was the #1 worst college major.

Graduation_WAWIt’s tough to create a career for yourself in archaeology. I know because I’ve been an archaeologist for a years. I’ve been in your shoes. Everybody starts from the ground up.

I know your desperation and frustration because I lived it. Becoming an archaeologist is my life’s dream, but making that dream come true seemed unlikely in those early days.

I went to college and got a BA in anthropology. Nobody would hire me after I graduated. So, I went back to school for a Master’s. I still couldn’t find a permanent job with my grad degree, even though I has some supervisory experience.

For almost a year, I worked as a janitor after I got my MA. I went to work every day at 3AM to scrub toilets, mop floors, and take out the garbage. My extreme unhappiness and disappointment forced me to learn everything I could about résumé-writing, cover letter-writing, and networking. I poured my heart into the task of finding a job in archaeology. I consumed every job search book and website I could find. For 7 months, I applied to anywhere from 2 to 5 jobs each week. After dozens of rejections and job interviews, I got three job offers in one day!

Finally, I’d landed a job as an archaeologist. That was 10 years ago. Using the skills in this book, I’ve helped at least a dozen of my friends and peers land archaeology jobs, despite the economic collapse. You’ll find loads of job searching secrets in this book that Fieldwork in Washingtonare all designed for people looking to create an excellent career in cultural resource management, historic preservation, and heritage conservation.

Learn how to:

—  Build a résumé that will make you look like the perfect candidate and stand out from the stack

—  Creatively use keywords in your résumé that will help you get past applicant tracking software

—  Craft a cover letter with a built-in interview

—  Learn networking tips that will help you create long-term professional relationships regardless of whether or not you get the job

—  Use the Internet to collect strategic information that will allow you to target potential employers

—  Maneuver your résumé directly into the hands of someone with the power to hire you

—  End the stress of waiting to hear if a job has been filled or not

Most importantly, you will get peace of mind— knowing that, as long as you have the minimum credentials, you are going to get an interview.

These are the skills I’ve developed over a decade to get work as an archaeological technician, crew chief, historical archaeologist, project director, and project manager. They’ve all been collected in a single eBook available on Amazon for only $4.97!!


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Like I mentioned before, I have helped dozens of archaeologists land jobs in CRM. Here’s what some of the people I’ve helped have to say about “Resume-Writing for Archaeologists“:


Click Here and buy Résumé-Writing for Archaeologists Today!

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The tips in this book really work, but I know what you’re thinking. You’ve probably heard a bunch of bad news about the CRM industry and how university teaching jobs are non-existent. If you’re new to CRM, you’ve probably been rejected by a few CRM firms and might even be considering taking a free internship. With student loans and other bills to pay, you may be thinking, “I just want a fuc#*ng job. ANYTHING!

Or, perhaps, you’re sick of working for your current employer. Tired of client demands. Fed up spending time wandering the desert or digging useless holes in the forest while your boss drones on about how he could have done a better job when he was your age.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get a job doing archaeology. You don’t have to stay with the same company just because you’re afraid of being unemployed. You can change.

I’d like to say the past 10 years have been a cakewalk, but they haven’t. I’ve been laid off and furloughed just like hundreds of other archeologists. I’ve done my fair share of projects that boiled down to simple, bone-headed compliance. But, I’ve also never been afraid to turn down a project because I’ve always known that I could find a job before my savings ran out.

I’d also like to say that this eBook will get you a job, but it won’t. Anyone that that tells you an eBook or a résumé or a college degree is going to automatically get you a job is either crazy or lying. The book will simply change your strategy and give you skills for success. Whether you’re a long-time professional or just starting out on your career path, this book will help you stop reacting to market conditions on our job search and start controlling your career path. You will be guiding your career toward its ultimate goal by building a network, creating jobs for yourself, and beating the competition with the successful personal advertising that comes with a killer résumé.

Résumé-Writing for Archaeologists has been available on the Kindle for one year. Hundreds have bought the book and learned from its contents. The book is currently ranked #88 of all archaeology eBooks in the Kindle Store!!!!!! Here are what some of the satisfied customers have said:




This book will change the way you conduct your job search. This is the survival stuff that I didn’t learn in college. It’s how I’ve been able to pay my bills, student loans, and raise a family for the last 10 years.

You’ve spent thousands on college. How well did that prepare you for the job market? Now you can spend less than $5.00 and learn how to get a job.

ResumeWritingForArchaeologists_3d_CoverClick Here and buy Résumé-Writing for Archaeologists Today!

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It’s available through the completely safe Amazon Kindle eBook store. You don’t need a Kindle to read it. Download the Kindle Cloud eReader for Mac or PC.

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Click Here and buy Résumé-Writing for Archaeologists Today!

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