CRM Archaeology Podcast Recap, November 2013

Is college worth it?

That seems to be the question of our generation. In November, panelists on the CRM archaeology podcast discussed getting into graduate school. A college degree is considered necessary for work as a CRMer, but an increasing number of CRMers are getting graduate degrees. There are good reasons for this (the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for starters) and almost all of the panelists in Episode 21 already have or are in the process of getting a graduate degree that will help further their careers in CRM. While the value of a college degree will continue to be debated, most archaeologists and CRMers in Europe and the United States have decided having a degree is good and having a graduate degree is better.

The podcast covered graduate school entrance tips and aired the second half of the Women in Archaeology session.

Episode 20- Women in Archaeology, Part 2— The podcast aired the second half of the women’s episode in November. The panelists discussed sexism in the workplace and the effects of motherhood on a CRM archaeology career. I could definitely relate to several of the discussion threads even though I’m not a lady (especially the effect having children can have on a CRM career or a podcast recording). Great job panelists. I look forward to more from these ladies in the future.

Episode 21: Graduate School Applications— In the spirit of last-minute applications for important, life-altering events, the podcasters discussed tips for successfully applying to graduate schools. They talked about several things to look for when thinking about going back to school, including asking yourself: “What do I want to get from a graduate degree?” As a returning, no-traditional grad student, I ask myself why I’m doing this every single day. It was startling to hear that some of the panelists had interacted with archeologists that had no idea why they were going back to school or what they stood to gain from a graduate degree. Intriguing.

The CRM Archaeology Podcast can be streamed directly from the DIGTECH website through Stitcher Radio or can be downloaded from iTunes. If you haven’t already tuned in, you really need to listen to the podcast today.
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