CRM Archaeology Podcast Recap: May 2013

In May, the CRM Archaeology Podcast continued to tackle important issues for people working in CRM archaeology, historic preservation, and heritage conservation. In case you didn’t know, the podcast is produced bi-weekly by Chris Webster, Principal Investigator at DigTech, LLC in Reno, Nevada ( and features a cast of young CRM professionals from around the world. Regular commentators include Doug Rocks-MacQueen in Scotland, UK (Doug’s Archaeology), Russell Aileen-Willems in Seattle, WA (Diachronic Design), Serra Head in Indianapolis, IN (Archy Fantasies), and Bill White out of Tucson, AZ (Succinct Research).

Chris Webster tells me that the number of listeners has continued to increase at a rapid rate since March,when the podcast was downloaded over 2,500 times. Chris has actually become a minor CRM archaeology celebrity and, evidentially, he can be recognized by other archaeologists from the sound of his voice alone.

When attending the SAA conference in Honolulu this year, Chris and Russell Aileen-Willems visited a nearby Starbucks to order a coffee and recharge for the upcoming symposia. While ordering his coffee, another conference-goer and archaeologist heard the sound of his voice and asked, “Are you Chris Webster?”


The conferencer replied, “I thought so. I heard you talking and recognized your voice from the CRM podcast.” The two struck up a brief conversation before heading back to the conference.

Too bad Chris isn’t famous enough for other archaeologists to buy him a coffee. Maybe he will be after a few more podcasts.

Podcast Topics in May

In May, the podcast tackled the infamous question, “Now that you’re done with school, how are you going to get a job in archaeology?” The podcast also had a memorable interview with long-time CRM company owner and archaeology sage Roger Werner.

Episode 007– Graduation: what do I do now?— focused on helpful hints for up-and-coming archaeologists and new college grads. The podcast panelists discussed strategies for writing resumes, applying to jobs, interviews, and the importance of networking to the archaeology job search. This episode also covered the value of field schools and their applicability to CRM work.

Episode 008 was an interview with Roger Werner, the founder of California-based Archaeology Services, Inc. (ASI). He has been a CRM principal investigator since 1979 and has witnessed the huge transformation in the industry. In this interview, Werner discusses his beginnings, the evolution of the CRM industry, and where he sees the industry heading. Most importantly, Werner gave sage advice on how joint partnerships and virtual offices will revolutionize the future of CRM and allow small CRM firms to stay competitive against the larger environmental engineering companies.

The podcast is growing virally from the enthusiastic word-of-mouth response from the CRM community around the world. If you have any questions or ideas for future episodes, contact Chris Webster on the CRM Arch Podcast’s homepage (

Stay tuned and learn more about cultural resource management from some of its up-and-coming young professionals.

If you have any questions or comments, write below or send me an email.

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