CRM Archaeology Podcast June 2013 Recap

Most people do not make plans far into the future. Archaeologists, architectural historians, and heritage conservation professionals are a little better than most people because, for the most part, they have channeled their energy into college and a very specific career field. But, beyond the standard “go-to-school, get-a-job, live-life” mantra, most of us haven’t put too much thought into where we want to be in the next 5–10 years.

Few of us have 5- or10-year plans. Perhaps this is because things in life change so quickly that we don’t really know what’s going to happen and feel unsure making plans knowing that our lives will change. Our career industry is also precarious. We never know how long our jobs will last and, especially since the Great Recession, we can’t even be sure we will have jobs.

In June, the CRM Archaeology Podcast asked CRMers from around the country about their future plans and interviewed an amazing archaeologist who created a job for herself and is tacking the most pervasive problem affecting American CRM archaeology– how to connect with the communities we work for.

Episode 009: Where Will I Be? Early in June, the podcast interviewed CRMers from around the United States and asked, “Where do you see yourself in CRM in 10 years.” The answers are interesting and the panelists saw themselves in various roles ranging from staying in their current position to starting their own business. (FYI: One of the panelists dreamed of doing work in Southeast Asia and has started fulfilling that dream since the podcast’s recording).

Episode 010: Archaeology in the Community The podcast had an inspirational conversation with the founder of Archaeology in the Community (AITC), Dr. Alexandra Jones. AITC is a non-profit dedicated to helping teach communities about the value of archaeology. She started AITC in Washington D.C. while still a PhD student in California. That was over five years ago. Alexandra solved the problem of finding a job by creating one for herself and she is teaching local publics of all ages about the importance of archaeology. Her story is truly amazing.

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