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The Number One Truth about Cultural Resource Management Reports

Tweet I have been lead author or primary contributor to over 60 cultural resource management archaeology reports. That’s not including reports where I wrote a historic background, artifact analysis, or boilerplate contribution. All of that writing represents dozens of man-hours and thousands of dollars’ worth of research. Those reports represent […]

What is the number one truth about cultural resource management archaeology reports?

Is a cultural resource management report actually archaeology writing?

Does a cultural resource management report count as archaeology writing?

Tweet I was recently informed that a CRM archaeology technical report isn’t true archaeology writing. It was a shocking revelation that came from somebody that has written dozens of cultural resources reports that instantly made me start thinking about the nature of our industry and the way we value our […]

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part V: Blogging your way to Infamy

Tweet (This is the fifth segment in a multi-post series dedicated to personal branding for archaeologists. In case you missed ‘em: Part I discussed the many reasons why you should care about developing your personal brand, Part II covered creating a killer LinkedIn profile, Part III talked about using Twitter […]

Build your audience through guest blogging

Archaeology books are coming from blogs these days

Writing Schedules keep your Archaeology writing moving

Tweet “This is some great stuff! There’s nothing like this out there. Are you willing to publish this as a book?” From what I’ve heard, this is the way my good friend Chris Webster who just got his book The Field Archaeologist’s Survival Guide published by Left Coast Press. It […]

Announcing the book Blogging Archaeology

Tweet As I mentioned before, blogging is an excellent way to get a book published. Writing archaeology conference papers is also a great way start towards turning a white paper into a polished article or book chapter. But, what would happen if you combined the two? What would happen if […]

Blogging Archaeology eBook


Resume-Writing via Slideshare

Tweet This week I finished addressing the comments from my editor on my newest eBook, Résumé-Writing for Archaeologists. It’s an upgraded version of Résumé-Writing for Scientists that focuses entirely on the job search issues faced by archaeologists, historic preservationists, and heritage conservation specialists. I never thought I’d be saying this, […]