Day of Archaeology 2014 at Succinct Research

Tweet As you’re reading this on 7/11/2014, I’m probably digging a test unit somewhere outside Glacier National Park. I’m actually on assignment this year and will be out of cell/internet range during the day. I’ll be working on an awesome possibly Archaic site along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, so look me […]

Introducing the River Street Digital History Project

Calling all archaeologist filmmakers…

Tweet For the Day of Archaeology 2013, I made a short film of my work week. It wasn’t that great of a film, barely above home movie, but I had a blast making it. Fortunately, I have a blog and a YouTube channel and have decided to make a few […]

How to find a new archaeology job using LinkedIn

Tweet I came across this video and couldn’t have created a better summary of how to use LinkedIn to find a new job in cultural resource management archaeology, historic preservation, or heritage conservation using LinkedIn. In case you’ve been living under a bridge somewhere (0r in a very deep excavation […]


These are Cultural Resources: All Souls Procession 2012 1

Tweet If you have a cultural resource management, heritage conservation, or historic preservation job, you’re probably used to doing work on cultural resources that have reached significance because of their antiquity or a special circumstance. It’s easy to forget that cultural resources are being created all the time, all around […]

Should you hire a resume-writer?

Tweet Times are tough. These days, competition is fierce for the few cultural resource management, heritage conservation, and historic preservation jobs. Knowing how to write a successful résumé is crucial for your job search. Many of us have thought about hiring a professional résumé-writer or resume-writing service. While this may […]