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Crisis in CRM archaeology is actually the changing of a generation, Part 2

Tweet This is the second post in a 3-part series featuring three articles written by Lawrence E. Moore in the SAA Archaeological Record. His focus is the future decline of CRM archaeology and how that will affect the future of our industry. The articles are available for free on the […]



Crisis in CRM archaeology is actually a changing of a generation, Part I

Tweet “…CRM, the most industrious part of American archaeology, is an aged industry that has worn out its welcome. American society values historic preservation, but is also increasingly resistant to standardized federal compliance.” Lawrence E. Moore, CRM: Beyond its Peak (SAA Archaeological Record 6[1]:30–33). I love it when I read […]

Lingering problems in the CRM archaeology industry

Tweet Call it fortune or misfortune, but I just ran across one of the most amazing articles/critiques of the CRM industry that I’ve ever seen I print. It’s called “Archaeological Research in the Context of Cultural Resource Management: Pushing back in the 1990s” by Robert G. Elston. This article was […]

Don't be that desperate archaeology job seeker

New Arizona SHPO guidelines 2

Tweet I got to work, sat down, opened my email, and took a sip of coffee. As I waited for my computer to boot up, I jotted down a short to-do list of tasks I needed to complete that day. Then, I opened my email and took another coffee sip […]

Archaeology supervisors: explain what you want your employees to do before they do it

Form 620 and 621: What happens if there’s historic properties?

Tweet Most construction and development companies fear the discovery of historic properties. I’ve talked to dozens of construction head honchos and project managers that absolutely dread the thought of finding a historic building or archaeological site where they propose to build something because it will require them to re-think some […]