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Is archaeology against motherhood?

Does archaeology hate mothers? 2

Tweet I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the @everyDIGsexism conversation on Twitter. The discussion highlights many of the problems women face in cultural resource management and academic archaeology. For forward-thinking intellectuals, a lot of male archaeologists and archaeology students should really be ashamed of themselves. I’ve been known […]

How to identify historic properties using Google Earth 1

Tweet Don’t you just love it when you get a PDF of a project area floating in the middle of some unidentified terrain? Just a polygon overlain upon some barren desert, forest quadrat, or urban freeway with very little context? And, you’re, somehow, expected to plan your cultural resource management […]

You can use Google Earth and Trulia to identify historic properties in your project area

You only have to get up one more time than you get kicked down in order to succeed

The shocking truth about a career in cultural resource management archaeology 4

Tweet “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up.” Vince Lombardi It’s no secret most cultural resource management archaeologists give up. CRM is a hard field in which to build a career. Recently, I came across this post written in 2000 on the United Archaeological Field […]

What March Madness taught me about the archaeology job market 2

Tweet In the beginning, there are 64 teams. The NCAA selection committee ranks each team and creates four groups loosely based on regions of the country. Then, they play each other until only one remains. The NCAA mens basketball tournament, March Madness, begins with a spectacular flurry. Half of the […]

What can March Madness teach you about finding a job in archaeology?

Ever wonder why volunteer or graduate school is considered experience for cultural resource management archaeology?

Is education and #freearchaeology really a substitute for actual archaeology experience?

Tweet We’ve all seen the following clauses in a job description: — A combination of education and experience which includes College-level education or training that provided knowledge equivalent to that described above, plus appropriate technical experience or additional education. — The work experience must have included archeology field experience, which […]

How to become an expert on cultural resource management

Tweet I wonder how many hours I’ve spent being a cultural resource management archaeologist. It’s hard to calculate because, even though I’ve been doing CRM since 2004, I haven’t always been employed full-time as a CRMer. In fact, based on the longest stints I’ve had with CRM companies, I think […]

What does it take to become a CRM archaeology expert?

How does hiring Native Americans help archaeological monitoring

Native Americans, Archaeological Monitoring, and CRMers

Tweet Archaeological Monitoring (v.)­ (1) watching and waiting for a mechanical excavator to reveal an archaeological deposit; (2) a great way for archaeologists to find sites and Native people to reclaim their heritage before development destroys all traces; (3) something construction companies and developers (should) know about but always seem […]

How does structural racism effect cultural resource management?

Are archaeologists racist?: Part I 2

Tweet WARNING: This blog post is probably going to make you very emotional. The principal emotion you are likely to experience is anger. Before you start rampaging in the comments box, please, read the entire article. Then, take three deep breaths and think about where this anger is coming from. […]