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Does a cultural resource management report count as archaeology writing?

Tweet I was recently informed that a CRM archaeology technical report isn’t true archaeology writing. It was a shocking revelation that came from somebody that has written dozens of cultural resources reports that instantly made me start thinking about the nature of our industry and the way we value our […]

Is a cultural resource management report actually archaeology writing?

What does the student loan bubble mean for cultural resource management archaeology?

What does student loan bubble mean for archaeology?

Tweet Small liberal arts colleges are starting to lose the battle against the “educational-industrial complex.” This month, two colleges in the eastern United States—Sweet Briar College and Tennessee Temple University—announced they will close their doors this year (2015). Insurmountable financial challenges and declining enrollment were cited as the reason for […]

Why is it a big deal when universities discuss whiteness?

Tweet Last week, Fox News helped my dissertation research immensely. I learned about five books that I definitely need to read based on their coverage of a course at Arizona State University titled “U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness.” The course is taught by Professor Lee Bebout who […]

Discussions of whiteness in colleges are important to eliminating structural racism

Can heritage conservation help end layoffs in CRM archaeology?

The Big Western CRM Archaeology Layoff 2

Tweet Feast or Famine is a frequently acknowledged part of being a CRM archaeologist. Because many of our companies are so poorly managed, they live and die by close-ended, temporary cultural resources contracts. The company goes into the toilet if the management is unable to land contracts. When the project […]

Not every archaeologist has a poverty mentality

Tweet Recently, I published a blog post that tackled the issue of what I called the poverty mentality in archaeology. Most of the people that read that piece had no problem with it. Some of the readers, however, did not agree with my perspective and were not impressed by my […]

Not every archaeologist has a poverty mentality

Historic preservation begins at the local level

Historic Preservation Starts with Community

Tweet This last weekend, my family and I volunteered at another public archaeology event spearheaded by a prominent Arizona historical society. It was the final field session of the project I discussed in my post that discussed how to involve minorities in archaeology by introducing them to the science at […]

How can I help you further your career in cultural resource management archaeology

Tweet For over two years, I have been writing articles on the Succinct Research Blog and other online publications. This work has come from my sincere desire to help all up-and-coming archaeologists further their careers in cultural resource management archaeology and historic preservation. My blog post topics come from discussions […]

Does archaeology fit within your personal ethos?

Getting minority children involved in archaeology at a young age will help increase diversity

How to REALLY get minorities involved in archaeology 2

Tweet This summer, I wrote a post called “How to get more minorities involved in archaeology” where I said the best way to increase diversity in archaeology was to hire them to participate in the fieldwork. I posited that showing non-white people that they could actually do archaeology as a […]

Personal Branding for Archaeology, Part VI: Using Videos and Pictures

Tweet Social media and the whole of the internet is being winnowed down to the truest essence of human experience— we know the world based on what we’ve seen. We are visual beings. Our eyes are essential to the way we learn. This is something archaeologists have long understood; however, […]

Videos are the future of personal branding

Build your audience through guest blogging

Personal Branding for Archaeologists, Part V: Blogging your way to Infamy

Tweet (This is the fifth segment in a multi-post series dedicated to personal branding for archaeologists. In case you missed ‘em: Part I discussed the many reasons why you should care about developing your personal brand, Part II covered creating a killer LinkedIn profile, Part III talked about using Twitter […]