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Remedying the Plight of the Archaeological Technician

Tweet I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Facebook Group “North American Archaeological Tech Forum”. Conversations on there are lively and cover a lot of relevant topics that matter to cultural resource management archaeologists across the country. One particular conversation regarding professionalism has sent some shockwaves through the group, […]


How does cutting corners hurt our cultural resource management

Cutting corners in cultural resource management archaeology hurts everybody 4

Tweet I just finished listening to Episode 37 of the CRM Archaeology Podcast. The last 10 minutes of the show reminded me of a salient story. One day, I was sitting at my cubicle in one of the many beneficent CRM archaeology companies I used to work for when one […]

Saving and Investing for Archaeologists

Tweet I remember loving snow days as a kid. This was long before I’d started doing archaeology and started hating snow. Every time it snowed for a few hours, I’d start getting giddy– thinking about the action-packed day of Nintendo and sledding that awaited me the next morning. I’d lay […]

Investment and savings advice for archaeologists

is it possible to get a tenure track archaeology professor position?

Addressing the Archaeology Professor Myth: Is it Possible to Realize Tenure Track Position? 2

Tweet Sometimes you read the obvious, but it doesn’t really sink in. Sometimes the obvious sinks right in to your core. I just finished reading two blog posts this week about the travails of post-PhD life. In 2011, Roderick asked “Is your PhD Worthless?” Partially answering his own question, Roderick […]

#SAA2014 Debrief, Part II: Jobs information, the future of the cultural resource management archaeology industry, and other lessons learned

Tweet I’m still flying back from #SAA2014. Still sitting in first-class. Still hearing Lourde’s “Royals” playing in my head. Free Heineken? Why yes. I’ll have two. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Part I, I heard some gloomy information about the extreme competition in the cultural resource management archaeology […]

Should archaeologists carry guns in the field?

Guns in the archaeology classroom; Guns in the field 4

Tweet First, I just want to clearly tell everyone: I’m not anti-gun; I’m anti-idiot with a gun. Self-defense is a basic right for all people. This right should not to be confused with interpretations of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution that gun aficionados seem to thing means, […]

What should be taught in an archaeology field school? 2

Tweet My last few posts have been getting some serious discussion amongst the archaeologists I know and from hundreds of archaeos I don’t know. Most of the feedback I’ve been getting has been either positive or at least benign. But I’ve also heard that my posts have pissed off a […]

Does archaeology fit within your personal ethos?


Why aren’t archaeologists receiving better training in college? 1

Tweet I am not the first or the last to ask this question. It seems a very fitting question to ask after writing two widely circulated blog posts positing why are field techs teaching PhDs basic field skills and explaining that archaeologists can earn graduate degrees where they actually learn […]

Succinct Research 2013 Review and 2014 Prospectus

Tweet Last month, Doug Rocks-MacQueen asked the archaeology blogospere why we all decided to start blogs. In case you didn’t’ read my response, I started this blog as a way to help other archaeologists find and keep jobs in cultural resource management, historic preservation, and heritage conservation. I felt like […]



CRM Archaeology Podcast Recap, November 2013

Tweet Is college worth it? That seems to be the question of our generation. In November, panelists on the CRM archaeology podcast discussed getting into graduate school. A college degree is considered necessary for work as a CRMer, but an increasing number of CRMers are getting graduate degrees. There are […]