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How can I help you further your career in cultural resource management archaeology

Tweet For over two years, I have been writing articles on the Succinct Research Blog and other online publications. This work has come from my sincere desire to help all up-and-coming archaeologists further their careers in cultural resource management archaeology and historic preservation. My blog post topics come from discussions […]

Does archaeology fit within your personal ethos?

Minivans are the perfect archaeology fieldwork vehicle

5 steps for converting a minivan into the perfect archaeology vehicle 4

Tweet A few weeks ago, while hauling my kids to a community archaeology project at 4AM, I realized that my minivan would make the perfect CRM archaeology field vehicle. With a few modifications, I could turn this old “baby hauler” into a cultural resource management archaeology beast– a petrol-fueled behemoth […]

Cutting corners in cultural resource management archaeology hurts everybody 4

Tweet I just finished listening to Episode 37 of the CRM Archaeology Podcast. The last 10 minutes of the show reminded me of a salient story. One day, I was sitting at my cubicle in one of the many beneficent CRM archaeology companies I used to work for when one […]

How does cutting corners hurt our cultural resource management

Investment and savings advice for archaeologists

Saving and Investing for Archaeologists

Tweet I remember loving snow days as a kid. This was long before I’d started doing archaeology and started hating snow. Every time it snowed for a few hours, I’d start getting giddy– thinking about the action-packed day of Nintendo and sledding that awaited me the next morning. I’d lay […]

Top 15 Must-Have Archaeology Field Gear Items 3

Tweet After months being cooped up in a classroom, I’m getting ready to go do some archaeology field work this summer and was putting together a list of items I need to buy or replace. Some people I know have called me a gear whore because I like to buy […]

15 Must have Archaeology supplies

#SAA2014 Debrief, Part II: Jobs information, the future of the cultural resource management archaeology industry, and other lessons learned

Tweet I’m still flying back from #SAA2014. Still sitting in first-class. Still hearing Lourde’s “Royals” playing in my head. Free Heineken? Why yes. I’ll have two. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Part I, I heard some gloomy information about the extreme competition in the cultural resource management archaeology […]

#SAA2014 Debrief, Part I: Curating and Disseminating Archaeology 2

Tweet “I don’t always go to the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) annual meetings, but when I do, I prefer them to be in a cool place with a ton of rad dive bars.” The world’s most moderately interesting archaeologist (Me). I’m currently on the flight back from #SAA2014 and […]

Hear about what I learned at #SAA2014

Archaeology supervisors: explain what you want your employees to do before they do it

Cultural resource management companies, want to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency? 2

Tweet In the course of my random discussions about working in cultural resource management archaeology and historic preservation, I seem to have come across the same conversation time and time again. It all revolves around some “hell project”— a project that went so FUBAR that the company ended up losing […]

The demise of #naziwarhunters is one small step toward reclaiming the public’s image of archaeology

Tweet This week, the HISTARCH listserv and the rest of the blogosphere celebrated the crushing defeat of NatGeo’s poorly planned series Nazi War Diggers. As I wrote before, the show was basically a glorification of battlefield archaeological site looting with the added bonus of human remains desecration. It was an […]

Stop archaeology site looting shows

Don't be that desperate archaeology job seeker

Don’t show your desperation while looking for an archaeology job

Tweet Imagine this scenario. You’re a lady grabbing some drinks at the local bar after a long day of work at your new employer— Down n’ Dirty Cultural Resource Management Archaeology. Everything is copacetic until you catch the gaze of a young guy at the end of the bar. He […]