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No man was ever wise by chance” Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Finding a job in archaeology can be tough. Because there are so few of us, CRM archaeology is a tightly knit field where, in order to find a job, you have to know something, know how to network, and know how to advertise yourself. As Doug of Doug’s Archaeology wrote about pay conditions for archaeologists, the outlook isn’t too rosy for folks with less than 10 years experience and a graduate degree (check out is seminal series on The Economics of Archaeology, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3). After all, archaeological technicians are working against people that will do our job their free. Crew chiefs are battling against economic conditions and up-and-coming techs. PIs and field directors are in a pinch between the clients, the regulatory climate, and the economy.

As the old African saying goes, “Whether you’re a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up, you’d better start running.”

In the modern economy, everything is in flux. We should all be thinking about our careers and paying attention to where the next paycheck is coming from. Here are some useful tips on a successful archaeology, historic preservation, or heritage conservation job search:

Job Search Nitty-Gritty

You may know all the nuances of Mimbres pottery decoration types, but did you ever learn how to go about finding a job in archaeology, historic preservation, or heritage conservation? Here’s the beginning of a series that breaks down how I’ve helped dozens of folks land decent jobs in archaeology:

How to Get a Job in Archaeology: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Résumé-writing Tips

Crafting a sweet résumé is an excellent personal advertisement. Here are a bunch of résumé-writing tips that can help you get results:

Archaeology CVs/Resumes for New Archaeologists (and the old too)

Reinventing the Archaeology CV/Resume

Looking for a cultural resources job? Do you need to work on your resume?

Applying to Federal Cultural Resources Jobs

Crafting a Killer Resume

Keywords are an essential part of a successful resume

Emphasize your core competencies

Career Development

Want to sound good in an interview even though you don’t have much experience? Do you have experience, but want to see how other people do their jobs successfully? Here’s some information on how you can do certain aspects of your job better:

If you have a cultural resources job, you need to be a T-person

Carpe Diem: Successful CRMers take the initiative

Archaeology Crew Chiefs are the Real X-factor

Efficient Online Historical Research

Hazardous Material Safety at Historical Archaeology Sites

CRM Report Writing Tips

Speeding up the Experiential Learning Process

You can also keep current with what’s going on in the CRM world by listening to The CRM Archaeology Podcast. It’s free for download on the iTunes store and Stitcher.

Think of this list as a starting point for your job search or a way to keep current with what the other folks in our industry are doing. You should also check the wealth of information on archaeology job searching at

Or, contact me if you have any questions ( Good luck and happy hunting.
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